Sunday, May 11, 2008

This is...what reminds me of my mother...

Inspired by Three Buttons and few others here is what reminds me of my mother..

Going from top left...

1. a sewing machine, she is always sewing and used to sew me everything, she would even unpick the Labels off designer stuff and ut it on my stuff she sowed to make me feel more ya mum!

2. Opium perfume....her favourite and she always smells like this, I love the way it lingers on me for hours after she hugs me.

3. Super huge 70's shades...she was so hip.

4. Matching mother and daugher outfits..she made them all the time for us...I will try and dig up some photos..hilarious.

5. Cups of tea, she has alot of them

6. 70's wallpaper...our house was full of it.

7. Lasagne, she always makes this when we go to stay...always...and its yummo!

8. 70's frock, mum had heaps.

9. Linda Ronstandt..she rocked, she rocked my mum, she rocked my house.
10. Mint Slice biscuts..a fave treat of hers.

11. Silver bangles...she has always worn these for as long as I can remember.

12. red hair dye, she has been doing this to her hair forever...
So that is my this is...for this week...thanks..and pop over to Three Buttons to see more...
Looking forward to this weeks, still have to do my shoe one...will catch up this week.

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