Monday, May 12, 2008


Today, was fairly usual Monday, back to school, a full week this week which is good. Freckles had a little award in her bag which she forgot to show is a Gold Award, for helping her fellow students, and looking after them and was given to her by her principal..I know I am touting her horn, but I was very proud mum at 6.30am this morning!
Pretty usual day, just ran around some errands, school run, went into work and helped dh out as our secretary was ill today...the boy fell asleep in my arms as I was trying to answer phones. Came home and confronted the mountain of washing, and yes I won the battle, just finished up my ironing literally 10 minutes ago. Other than that just chilled, both the kids injured themselves tonight, freckles fell over her school bag and smacked her knee on the corner of the wall, then the boy banged his head on the end of the it was tears and ice packs all round.
So that was it really, just cruisy and getting over the weekend. But I did realise one thing today, I need a new ironing board, mine is so wobbly and uneven it drives me nuts...
Anyway...thats it...hope you all have a fabulous week!

I am grateful today for....

1. being able to feed my family good healthy food that I have made for them with love
2. clean it
3. sleep, when I get it I love it.
4. my new slippers...oh so comfy
5. my babies going to bed so well...even though they both had injuries..xo

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