Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back again,

Cousins playing and reading books before bed time...we call them salt and pepper!
My sister and brother and law and their three wee ones turned up on our doorstep after being washed out at camping, so we threw together dinner...and had a fantastic night!

Hello there, firstly I want to say a HUGE thankyou to all of you who have left supportive messages for me from the post below. We are fine and doing well and the school is slowly recovering.
So I am back, I have been away...I suppose I just needed a break to concentrate on some other things, and also it is a little scary getting back into it..you know like when you take a few days off work and werent "really" sick and then you have to go back...urrrgh. So here I am.
We have been having a pretty good time around here, spending time with family and having a few visitors and stuff. Freckles got her report card for Semester 1 and trumped it...one B, one C and the rest A's we were very proud! So school is rounding up for this term, and holidays are coming on fast..wwoooo hooo..we have some lovely things planned for the holidays coming up so hopefully it will be fun.
Other than that, just working, having breaky with the girls on a friday, looking at houses, and generally doing the day to day family stuff.
So, I hope you are all you are doing well, Chook, have you joined the CWA yet! LOL...sounds like you are having a fantastic time, and dont worry about the excercise...I am sure you getting plenty in other ways...hehehe.
Anyway, below are some pics from over the last few weeks....and some thrifting as well..

Till tomorrow..

Jogirl xo

Grateful today..

1. getting back on the blogging horse, I missed it.

2. going for a walk..have not done that in ages

3. my mum, for getting up the babies for us last sunday..thanks mum

4. my mum, for FINALLY getting her email working

5. afternoon naps, I cannot do without them at the moment.

Nan (my mum) came for a visit and swinged with little H on the swings..he loved it.

1 little pieces of your mind:

Elisha said...

Gee Honey imma come bargain hunting with you someday! You got some heaps cool stuff - Impressed, its good to see you back, i really need to get back on the horse too - blogging that is. lol

Missed you. Love you. xxxx