Thursday, June 5, 2008


My name is Jogirl and I am addicted to Coca-Cola - full strength.

My addiction started long long ago, too long to even remember.

I have to have it, every day.

I cannot imagine having to get up in the mornings without my glass of coke and my eggs on pannini.

It sounds sad, I know, but that is how it is.

I am however attempting from this day to give it up for 21 days.

I believe, or I have at least read somewhere that it takes 21 days to form a habit.

So I am hoping that it will take 21 days to un-form it. (Is that even a word).

So from this day forward I am on a full on no full strength coke ban.

It is going to be hard, and I am going to be substituting it with diet coke, pepsi max, pepsi light, and coke zero, just to mix things up a bit. But it is a little bit of an experiment.

Anyway wish me luck.
That is all.

Grateful for

1. Having my friends organize a girls night out to see the new SITC movie..cannot wait.

2. figuring some stuff out at work for myself.

3. thrifting some fab stuff (more on that later)

4. Mum sending me a new Bonds Hoodie..woooo hoooo.

5. Mum for sending freckles a fantastic book to help her with her bullying.

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Elisha said...

Hey gorgeous, i was wonderin where you were.... On the coke thing - I too was a coke addict, big time, the full strength coke... fat coke as i call it now... lol, BUT your right, it takes 21 days to form a habit, and im not sure that unform is a word, but by not having the coke you are creating a new habit - hence the 21 days thing... anyways, bottom line, you can do it, i know you can - its hard and i wont lie about that, but its been a long time now since i gave it up and now i cant even stand a mouthful of it, its soooo sweet!!! Softdrink used to be a regular staple for us, the kids too ( how sad to have done that to them!) and now they even choose water over coke! Go figure... Im behind you all the way girl.... xxxxx love you!