Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well my challenge is complete (see previous post). It did take me longer than expected because I divert when another blog catches my eye...which I love, but I did do it.
Thursday, busy day here, firstly went and looked at a house that was straight out of the seventies. We are looking to buy at the moment so we are looking at everything and everything. We have lived here on the coast for over 3 years and now want to put down roots. Then work, a bit of op shopping (photos to come) picked up freckles and two other friends, they played all afternoon, then picked up the boy and picked up dh from the bike shop as his bike is getting serviced. Currently sitting in my "Supergirl" pj's after putting a colour in my hair and having a lovely warm shower. I am getting my haircut on Saturday so it needed to be coloured in order to cover up that lovely streak of white I have going on at the moment. We have a very busy weekend planned so I am getting an early night tonite, just going to have a chat with dh as he is not at work tonight, watch "The Amazing Race" and then snuggle in bed with my book.
Have a great night.

Grateful for today..
1. the fantastic op shops
2. the magic of hair dye..allelujah!
3. my dh noticing all that I do and being thankful verbally
4. kisses from my pasta sauce covered son
5. my friend kylie for always knowing what to say.

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Kirsty said...

A good day for you - wonderful.

The blog is looking really pretty - great work.