Friday, June 20, 2008

Art Show..

So, tonight we had the Innaugural (is that how you spell it) School Art show. All the kids in the school each produced an art work, that was then laminated. You could purchase these for $4 each and then a "sold sticker" was placed on the art work. It was amazing, these kids were fantastic. It was displayed so well, and there are some hugely talented kids out there. Each class then did a piece of art to auction at the end of the night. Wow their artworks were fabulous. The auction went off without a hitch...freckles class painting (see photos) went for $175- so that was fantastic. We had a great night, a couple of wines and a few nibbles. Freckles spent the day at home...tonsilitis strikes again. So her and I spent the day running errands after we had breaky with girls (my friday ritual) See what freckles had below..yummy! We then came home and snuggled up for a dvd and nap. Then some housework before going to the art show. My sister in law is here with her friend, they are staying here while they attend a course. We have a busy weekend planned, having a look at three houses tomorrow, a haircut for me, groceries, babysitting tomorrow night. Then sunday I am off to Brissy to babysit my beloved Samuel for the very first time. His mum and dad wont leave him with anyone else so I have to travel 2 hours for the privelege. Lucky me..They are going out on their own for the very first time since having him nearly four months hopefully they will have a great time.
Anyway enough from me...hope you all have a lovely weekend.


1. Even though she was sick, spending a whole day with freckles..lucky me.

2. all my laundry being washed

3. getting to read my fabulous book for a whole hour today, uninterrupted

4. all the beautiful art work tonight

5. the chocolate and red wine my sister in law brought for me..thanks sis. xo

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Elisha said...

Ok i will have freckles breaky.... that looks super yummy! Also, i would have purchased that painting too, I think your mum got a work of art there, might be worth loads one day! Im sorry i have been so slack, this farmers life wife is a whole lot more hectic than my previous one! haha, updating today - Miss ya, Love ya. xxxxx