Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend wrap up..

Well, babysit I did. Had a very busy weekend, firstly went and looked at some properties..more about them later. Then went and got my haircut..I know, if any of you knew me you would know that this was a miracle, I often make appointments and cancel them..so it truly was a miracle, then a bit of grocery shopping..boring...all this whilst dh took both freckles and the boy on the bus to the beach for the afternoon and back again. Then I went and babysat my girlfriends daughter at her place, got to sit in their devine new house and pretend it was mine for 5 hours, when I got there she had cooked us a lovely dinner and cold beer was waiting for me..I then proceeded to watch Foxtel (cable) for the rest of the evening, I took freckles with me and she ended up staying the night. When I left Kaz paid me and gave a whole pile of clothes she did not want..love ya Kaz! Sunday, I took off early on my own to BrisVegas to look after my new man Sam for my lovely bestie and her hubby. It is the first time they have had ALONE since Sam was born on the 5th of March, 9 weeks premature. So after all the intensive care and special care and blah blah, I convinced them they needed to get out..so I drove all the way to Brissy to look after my little man..hard job that one!..They had a fantastic afternoon, lunch then off to see Sex and the City..which they loved..so that was great.
All in all a very busy weekend..have some thrifting to post, but my camera is playing up so hopefully tomorrow...ooohhh also we booked a holiday...yes anyone who knows us knows we do the same with holidays as I do with haircuts....we are off to Yamba, NSW in October for a week with a few other families...and we cannot wait...my big sis is coming from Mackay and we are just going to have a blast...counting the days..
Anyway off to bed..till tomorrow..cheers.
1. for surprise gifts in the mail...(will blog tomorrow)
2. My hubby cooking dinner...love that.
3. My freckles standing up for herself against "the bully"
4. Freckles excellent school report..one C, one B and the rest A's...one proud mumma here
5. For keeping my babies alive for this long..who would have thought I could do it.

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