Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 5

Day 5 of school holidays...all going well apart from one comment..this has been our week so far..

Saturday - house inspection (kids climbed trees and picked mandarins and lemons, also played with the dog next door), then went to the bmx park/ playground with Nan and played and had sausage rolls for lunch. Went home and the boy had a nap whilst freckles and dad went around to a friends place to fix the bike, freckles played with her school friends.

Sunday - Dh & I had food poisoning, so took the kids to Maccas for a shake and a play in the morning, then back to the house and the park in the afternoon.

Monday - Went to Jodes, they live on property so the kids ran with the dog, cat and chooks..also made mud pies all morning, then came home and freckles had a friend to sleepover Monday night.

Tuesday - went to the library in the am for story time and craft, then came home for a dvd and lunch then down to the new pirate park for the afternoon, all with the friend that slept over.

Wednesday (today) - Freckles had a playdate at school friends all day. The boy had daycare as I had to work.

So that has been it so far...and freckles has the nerve to walk in the door this afternoon, in the door 5 minutes and mutter..' I AM BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Can you believe say my blood boiled in an understatement...I had to count to ten, tell her to think about what she just said and walk outside...

Why is it never enough?????????????

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