Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 7

Roger Federer 7 of winter holidays..had a great day, not very productive one, but great all the same..freckles had a playdate with her gym friends for a few hours this morning so I dropped her there, then off to day care for the boy..then off to breakfast with the girls..yummo..i love this..we do it every friday morning and it is just awesome..then off to the shops with the lovely kylie to buy some knee high boots..and she looked smokin'. Then to work, the that place, and then back to pick up freckles and home for an afternoon of drawing and movie watching, oh and a nana nap! Then off to pick up the boy, make dinner, bath, teeth brushing, storytime, and bed. Phew..just a little worried about freckles, she has had two migraines this week, that have completely debilitated her, may have to take her to the docs tomorrow...Other than that all is well...just sitting watching my main man Safin at off to get another diet coke and snuggle down for a great match..GO FEDERER!

Toodles till tomorrow...

Grateful for..
All the love and positiveness I have in my life.....

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