Monday, August 11, 2008


So I wish I could have stayed in bed today, but alas the world keeps spinning up we got, and it was freezing...freckles stayed off school again today as she is still unwell and probably won't go back until Wednesday. So off we headed to run some errands, and catch up with hubby at work. Spent the morning packing up files and moving stuff around and headed home for lunch and an afternoon nap after watching Zoom something superhero movies...I should have been doing washing or something to that affect but it was just too good an oppurtunity to hang with the younglings on the bed under the covers and watch a dvd, then all curl up and have a I sort of did spend the whole day in bed, but it was much better than I expected.

Only sour note is something is really crazy with my thumb, woke up this morning and it was painful. Anyway if that is as bad as it gets...well lucky me...

till tomorrow..

Grateful Monday

1. The Olympics, I love it...and so does freckles

2. fresh food...

3. the boy just being so damed cute

4. the beautiful warm blankets that where handed down to me

from my grandmother (see previous post) that are keeping my family

warm through this cold is like she is giving us a big hug.

5. the fact that their may be a teeny tiny hope that my gf may be able

to fall pregnant..fingers crossed, praying hard.

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