Sunday, August 10, 2008

Under the sun..

Coolum Beach

So today Sunday, after being cooped up in the house for 48 hours, I made the decision that we were going out for a couple of hours just to you know, look at different walls, and get some sunshine on our skin. So we headed down to Coolum for the day, the boy rode is "Flinstones" bike and Joe carried freckles as she was very low on energy..understanably.
So we just wandered, the shops, went to the park, and had lunch then came home and all crashed for an afternoon siesta..good Sunday all round in my books.
Other than that a new week, have to start planning Freckles birthday cake as she has chosen me a good one this year..ahhhh!
Hope you all had a good weekend...lovelies.

Grateful Sunday..
1. That freckles has stopped throwing up
2. That my retro cabinet is finished
3. That my daughter only had a bug and not something worse.
4. That I could sit at the beach today without the fear that some people are feeling in worntorn countries
5. That my husband holds my hand..all the time.

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