Monday, September 1, 2008

Hello Spring!

photo by keysofvirtue

Hello Spring!
So spring has sprung here down under..and it was a lovely warm beautiful blue day today.
Spent the day with the boy, running errands, doing washing and of course thrift shopping (see below!) Then went for a walk to a friends house for a few yummy home made ice blocks and some beers (barefoot radlers!) yummy!
Home for a yummy veal casserole..delicious..
Overall a good day!

So here is what I have thrifted over the past week...I am so excited..

My favourite find this week, I picked this blackboard up today at the Salvos for a mere $5..the kids have claimed it but little do they know it will be going up on my kitchen wall..eventually.

I dont know what this is, it is a very big cylinder, made of cardboard, must have had a lid at some stage, but it is covered in this lovely rose paper..dont know what I will do with it yet, but I will find something...
A cute little bag for my girl.
I picked this up last week for $ is a framed sterling silver plated shell and I just love it.
I picked this up for 50c, it is a great little book and is actually about 3 inches thick, it is now sitting on my desk.
I picked up these framed photos of scenes from NY. $2- each.

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smallVille SF said...

great finds.

thank you for visiting smallville. looking forward to visit more in the future.