Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Belly up..

So today I went and visited my gorgeous friend Adele and her three beautiful babies..we spent the morning wandering around the garden, eating, and chasing the crazy guinea pigs - Zed & Mullet. The boy was going crazy running around the yard trying to catch them, and had me running in between fits of laughter and trying to stop my jeans falling down. We had a lovely day with del and the kids and are heading back in two tuesdays time to go spend the morning at the beach..they only live a 2 minute walk away.

So whilst talking about del, I have to tell you about her magnificent Yoga DVD.

Yoga Bellies if a fabulous Dvd that Del and Amy have made for all you pre-pregnant, actually pregnant and post pregnant mums. It will guide you through a prenatal yoga class, incorporating effective and safe techniques, designed to nourish your baby, mind and soul.
Yoga Bellies, is a fabulous and safe opportunity to nurture, and respect your pregnancy. Building sound foundations for birth and beyond.

It is a fabulous dvd, pregnant or not..so if you want a closer look just click on the link below..
They sell online, worldwide. They also sell beautiful belly essentials, all natural and good for your body.

Check them out.........

Yoga Bellies

And before I go, here is how my lovely hubby "attempted" to put the boy to bed last night, needless to say it failed and the boy was in our bed a good hour later, whilst hubby snuck off and slept in the spare room, so I spent the night with the boy, tossing and turning looking for his "Lightning McQueen" car that is in his hands at all times 24/7 and listening to my hubby snore his head off from 3 rooms away...ahhhh..I love being a mother....really I do!

Have a good Wednesday..

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