Monday, October 13, 2008


Just a little musing about my baby brother today.
The photo above is of my beautiful brother and myself. He is turning 28 in just under a month and is finally feeling like he is getting his life on see he has not had it easy....granted some of it was his own doing, but some of it was not. He became a dad at the ripe old age of 17..which he dedicated himself too, but the short story is it did not turn out well and over the course of a few years things didnt work out and his life turned into basically a living hell, including him being refused the right to see his son at all, along with myself and my mother both also being told we could have no further contact with this precious boy. It turned our world upside down, this gorgeous boy lived next door, yes right next door to my mum, and myself and my husband had him one weekend a month since he was 3 weeks old, to help out..and then finally 4 years ago, his mother took off with him, to where we don't know and we have neither seen nor heard of him since. We miss him everyday, and today my brother finally took another step to try and reconnect with his son, in doing so he was advised that he has to have a paternity test done. This absolutely floored him, he has never doubted that he is his son. My mum and I however have had our doubts over the years but would never ever suggest this to my brother. But now the solicitor has, and now we will know. We are scared, and worried and really we dont care the outcome, we love him and we miss him and we just want to hold him in our arms and show him some love. I love you little brother, we are here for you whenever you need us. xo

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Jennifer said...

Hi Jo, I hope things work out for your brother!

I gave you a little blog award on my blog.

Callie Grayson said...

first time on your blog and i read this post and it made my heart ache. I am sending positive thoughts towards australia that everything will work out for your brother and that he can see his son what ever the out come of the test, he is his sons dad... he was there for him and he obviously loves him a great deal, keep up the good fight!