Sunday, October 12, 2008

weekend round up...

So, the weekend is over and this is what we did...

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So we went to the kite festival on the beach in the pouring was great fun, we caught the shuttle bus, which the boy thought was just beaut. We ran on the beach in bare feet, we flew kites, blew bubbles, ate yummy food and came home completley soaked and exhausted from fun. (I have no pics as hubby has taken my camera to NZ)

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Saturday night we had fish and chips with aunty cinta & lizzie and then early to bed.

photo by ytruly

Sunday was nippers in the rain, and icecream on the way you do! Then we just hung around home and had a nanna nap..not much else.We spoke to daddy, we are missing him like crazy and cannot wait to get him home and in our arms again. My babies are busy keeping his side of the bed warm.

Only 6 more sleeps until we go on holidays..woohoo..yippee!!

That is pretty much it really, but I do have to show you this photo below..this little bundle of love is named William, and he was photographed by a beautiful local photographer..he has definately got my ovaries working overtime...just precious..check out her work here

I also bought this fabulous birthday gift for my lovely girlfriend Jodes last week.
It is called the 2 carat cup. It is a fancy schmancy coffee cup that makes it look like you are wearing a huge diamond is the coolest..she loves it..

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