Thursday, October 9, 2008

stuff going on around here...

So, well that was fun..NOT! Was sick as a dog for the first half of the week, wow really wiped me out. But saying that I am back on track now, just needed a few days to catch up on things and get back on track, sort of. So, following is my Thrifted Tuesday and some other things..had a lovely flying visit from Mum last night which was great, and hubby is off to New Zealand my babies will not be happy!
So Thrifted Tuesday, ok well lets make that late Thursday, one of these days I will get it on the right day!
So I picked up these two gorgeous little retro bakeware dishes..just gorgeous, now I just have to
figure out what I am going to cook in them!

I also got this pretty little framed print, it reminded me of some small
ones I had as a child. I just was drawn to the colours, they are going to go
in my new "workspace" once we move.

I also got this lovely Witney Rug from England. It is called a Candy Rug.
I tried to search some info on it but, these rugs where made during world war II.
I loved the name, the print, the colours everything.

A sweet little top from label "A little lady from", all ready for summer!

A sweet little retro doona cover for the boy

A TROFAST storgae unit (empty) for $10.
It is in the current catalogue for $169-
The pic does not do it justice, was in a hurry. Just so you know mine is on the left!
I already have all the storage buckets, but they are being used in other places around the house..but not for long..not sure if I will paint it white like the one below or not??
any thoughts..??
So that is it for thrifted...this week so far...still tomorrow to go!
Other than that, I got some new Keds...Yay!
And got some joy in the mail from Jimmy Pickles..(see post below)
tgif tomorrow..have a great day!

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