Saturday, October 11, 2008

up up and away......

So, (i start a lot of sentences with that) hubby has taken off today into the wild blue yonder and over the "ditch" to Auckland, New Zealand. So myself and my babies are here at home, no worries, we have few things to do this weekend, and we took ourselve out to dinner with some of our awesome peeps to the local bowls club for tea..very 60's. Hubby is away till next week and I miss him already, but he did send me a lovely little email from the airport, so that made me happy. As I write this it is very late and I am sitting in bed, in the dark, with the laptop, with my boy on my right hand side on the fold down bed on wheels, and my girl "keeping daddys side warm"..schweeeeet things.

we miss you daddy, come home soon & be safe. xo

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