Monday, November 24, 2008

Australia Week : Day 2

day 2 : Welcome to Dinosaur Designs
Ok so today I have one of my all time favourite stores/designers in Australia..Dinosaur Designs.
These guys are one of my all time favourite stores/designers.

They create beautiful fabrics, homewares and jewellery. The create the jewellery and homewares out of fabulous colourful resin.

Go check out their website, you will not be disappointed. They do sell internationally so get shopping for yourself or for christmas.

So delicious and beautiful, I could just buy every single item. Make sure you check out their projects and image gallery as well for some amazing images.

Stay tuned tomorrow for some more aussie goodness!

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Mara said...

Thanks Jogirl. You are most kind. I feel honoured to be mentioned on the same page as Dinosaur Designs! Their stuff is to die for!! xx