Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Australia : Day 3 : Printspace

Ok, so I have had one of "those days". You know the ones, where you get "nothing done" and just feel like a flop. All I did today was make lists of my lists, caught up with my lovely friend jodes...who gave me some beautiful peaches from her tree, some chillies that she grew, and some eggs from her girls (i mean chooks)....just gorgeous..I spent the afternoon at freckles school creating a diorama..which was loud, messy, noisy and fun. Then we came home the kids had water fight, and then in my "one of those days" state of mind, I happily announced that we were having Breakfast for Dinner tonight and it was bacon and eggs! This was met with a huge cheer.
So on to day 3 of Australia Week..so now for Printspace.
So I discovered this little gem. And oh the wonder, they create beautiful prints and canvas art.
They are available to buy here at their etsy shop, or you can visit the Printspace website here or even the blog here. So go on have a look, they deliver internationally, Just gorgeous!

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