Monday, November 17, 2008

**Warning a little bragging below**

Ok so I am going to do just a little bit of bragging about my girl today. She has had a big week already and it is only Monday!

So firstly, freckles was in the paper last week, she is currently learning about healthy food choices this term, and they have been cooking almost every week..and this week the little darlings made the can see freckles marked with a little yellow arrow.

Then, she came home today with a bundle of notes, you know what it is like, but this time they were AWARDS. She got a Random Act of Kindness award for Generosity, and also she is getting an award on parade on Wednesday for something else..very proud mummy here.

And lastly, she has been asked to join the Strings section in her school band. She cannot play any musical instrument, but has been DESPERATE to learn the violin for over a year, and now she has the oppurtunity..she is super excited, myself, I am going to ask santa for some big ass ear
And well that is it really, no more bragging..have a lovely Tuesday!

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