Sunday, November 16, 2008

sunday funday

Hey, we had a cruisy sunday, which is what I love. First up was Nippers as per usual, I was lucky and bailed on that today and hubby and the kids took off at 7.30am for the beach, and lucky me got to go back to bed and read my book and nap..and let me tell you it was bliss..thank you hubby! Then we just had lunch cruised around, drew pictures, played thomas, watched a dvd, read the paper, had a yummy lunch..then we brought out the Slip'n'Slide..woohoo, so the kids had a blast on that all that was it really, it finished up with a yummy marinated lamb dinner and a huge summer thunderstorm..all up a great weekend! How about you!!!

I have also been looking for some more of those fabulouse stick on vinyl name labels for you know the million different containers and lunchboxes we have floating around. I stumbled across these fabulous ones from Check them out...they are so cool! They deliver worldwide!

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