Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well we had a lovely, but at times busy weekend..
This is a sample of some of the things we did...
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Took freckles to one of her best friends birthday parties, it was very hot and we played mini golf, waterslides, ate cake, opened pressies and had fun..happy birthday lovely girl T xo
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Went to nippers this morning, it was club championships...very exciting, it was freckles first one. She did really well, just missed out on a certificate (dissappointment plus) but we made up for it with a yummy icecream on the way home..there is always next time!

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Did a fair bit of this..packed boxes for our big move in a few weeks..I am looking forward to it but also a little anxious..I am also having a huge cleanout..woohoo..
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Had a lovely nap with my boy this afternoon, snuggled up on my bed with the cool pre rain breeze blowing, the room was dark and the bed was sooooo comfy with my lovely vintage sheets and pillowcases and my "new" old vintage chenille blanket..mmmm deliciousness.

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And now I am doing this...whilst doing know this literally. Big week planned lots to do, and get through, more boxes to pack, and also hoping to open my little shop on Etsy by the end of the week..more on that later....woohoo.

Have a lovely week! xo

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