Saturday, November 8, 2008

remembering a little

I heard some sad news today John Carew passed away at the age of 81. Who is John Carew you may ask..he was my swimming teacher when I was 3. His nickname was "The Boss" and man did it suit him. I was sooooooo scared of him, if my face wasnt under water I was crying, howling even, mum said we used to have the BIGGEST stand off's, me in my eensy weensy bikini, and him in his huge mexican sombrero he wore all the time. He was magic and mainly because he taught me to swim, something I LOVE. On a side note Coach Carew also coached one of our most famous Olympians here, Mr Keiren Perkins in the Olympics and has been a huge influence in Australian Swimming. So goodbye boss..with love.

On another note, I came across a post on ohdeeoh today and it had the following photo -

and it took me back..I had almost forgotten. I rode around in one of these for most of my infent life...albeit a green and white stripped one, but now it is in the MoMa, on display. How cool is that. I will have to go seek out a little more goodness at the MoMa to see what other bits of nostalgia I can find.

Have a lovely weekend! xo

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Skye said...

Oh wow - that stroller. Thanks for sharing it, I grew up in one too. I just found your blog. :)