Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome to Australia Week!

Welcome to the week of all things Australian!
I am going to spend the week telling the world about some fantastic shops that I love that are all Australian. Some handmade, some not, but all delicious in their own right.
So please join me on my Aussie journey. Hopefully cullminating in the opening of my own store on Friday night! So stay tuned.

So first cab off the rank is..... SaschaK

SaschaK is a fabulous Australian Photographer and guess what she is only 10 years old.
She sells her stuff through etsy and I just love her photos.

Secondly, and I have to mention him is Milan, he is 11 years old and has a fantastic shop on Etsy called MoofusHe makes fantastic artworks, I especially the opera house picture, it is my favourite.
Go check him out.

Oh well, better go to bed as it is 5 minutes till tomorrow.
Till tomorrow then.

1 little pieces of your mind:

Capture said...

Honey, I got your post today and you are too sweet. I've looked for your e-mail on your blog and can't find it so if you want to e-mail it to me, I'll get you the info. How nice are you?
Your posts of Australia week are not helping my absolute yearning to drop everything and head over. I have dreamed of coming for years and one of these days I'll make the trek.
Thank you again sweet girl for being so beautiful.