Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The Birthday Boy.
He is 3.
Yes, him, my boy 3. Not 2, not 2 and a half but 3.

opening pressies on top pf dad
He turned 3 yesterday. I cannot believe it, can you tell?

making birthday pancakes for breakfast with dad

Three years ago yesterday I had no idea I was having a boy.
No idea that I would be 2 weeks overdue, again.
the end product..

No idea that breaking your waters can bring on contractions like a train out of control.

the asked for chocolate birthday cake
No idea that I could do labour, drug free and come out feeling like the ultimate earth mother and punching the air a-la Rocky.

No idea that the very first visitor would be my dad, to see his new baby boy, to hold him in his arms.


No idea that that would be the last time he would meet any of my newborn children.

let them eat cake, we did!

No idea how special that memory and the memory of taking my dad to the scan, would actually end up being.

freckles & her bestie Miss G

No idea how much my dad desperately wanted me to call him Harry!

Aunty Cinta, she drove for 2 hours just to give him the "present of the day" a remote controlled monster truck. She drove 2 hours, to sit with him while he opened it, and enjoy the moment, she stayed for a cuppa and a chat and then drove 2 hours home again. What a woman!

No idea, that I could make such an amazing, spirited, handsome, gorgeous, adorable little man.No idea, that I could ever love another man as much as I love him.

No idea that I had enough room in my heart to love another baby, and so much so it overwhelms me at times, literally, it takes my breath away.

No idea, how lucky I am.I love you boy, you light up my life in so many ways, I cannot count.Happy Birthday Big Boy
Love Mummy xo

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