Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well have had a very full on week, lots of stuff going on, and the coming week will be no exception. Freckles had a huge week, spending a few days down the southern end of the coast with her bestie, and got competely spoilt rotten by one of her godmothers. She got taken on a special trip to see Cirque De lucky is she..I am so jealous. We then spent the rest of the week, hanging out, going the the movies (Bedtime Stories) Adam Sandler, very funny! Then headed down the southern end of the coast ourselves for a family sleepover with our besties, Trevor & Tracy and their awesome kids! Spent friday night having a few drinks and playing Texas Hold Em' poker till the wee hours. The whiled away the hours Satruday with good food, wine and company
Today we hung at home, headed to the beach, did the washing,
moved some furniture and just hung out.
Big week ahead, lots of orders to fill, school supplies to get organized,
and holiday to get ready for.
Hope your week is quieter than ours.

Oh and by the way I joined this fantastic site - Skout Kids Trade Fair

Skout Trade Fair is Your online playground ! … At STF you can hang out, show off, hold hands, make best friends, eat your play lunch and even join a club !

It is just fabulous, so if you are a creator or retailer of something to do with kids..get on their!

Later Peeps,

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