Friday, January 30, 2009

makes me wonder..

Well today as I rushed around getting my babies off to school and daycare, worrying about this and that, brushing teeth, hair, making beds and making sure they had food in their mind constantly went back to Peta Freeman. Who is she? you may ask. This is a mother who yesterday morning had to be told that her four year old daughter Darcy was thrown off the Westgate bridge in Melbourne, fell 58 mtrs into the Yarra River and died. Who would do this? you ask. Her father.
Now I dont usually talk politics, religion etc etc..but this has REALLY upset me. Why? is the question everyone is asking. There were circumstances surrounding this situation, mostly somehting to do with the family courts. I am a child of divorce, so I know. I have a younger brother who's son he has not seen for over 5 years due to his mother taking him and we dont know where they I know. I understand the frustation, fear, anger, terror, confusion of these highly emotional and terrible situations all to well...I have been their. actually drive onto the bridge, stop the car, get out, get her out of the car, walk to the edge, and throw her off..then drive just is so just is too much for words. He also had his 7 year old son, and 23 month old baby in the car that witnessed the whole thing.
I understand, mental illness, all too well. I understand emotions consuming you, but killing an innocent, INNOCENT, child is just chilling.
I feel nothing but sorrow and pity for this poor man. Whatever must have been going on in his head and heart must have been so overpowering for him to do this to his daughter. Dont get me wrong, this is totally unforgivable and wrong to the enth degree, and if he was my ex, boy he should have jumped as well, let me tell you.
But the people I really feel for are his brothers, they will NEVER be the same.
And her mother, they are all in my thoughts.

So as you put your babies to bed tonight give them an extra hug and kiss, or if they come home all crabby and shitty with the world and you just want to yell at them, then be thankful they are there to yell at.

That is my rant over..xo

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KikiMiss said...

Jo, as I logged into my blogger reading list this morning I was thinking the same thing. I'd just helped my 4yo clean her teeth and at one point she was testing my patience. I recalled the week's extremely horrid events and decided I need to be very mindful of how lucky I am to have two children.

How? Why? No!!! We're all thinking the same thing, I too am a child of divorce and my younger brother (since also divorced) has visiting issues with his daughter AND serious mental health issues. But...this week I've been asking myself..doesn't anyone notice the warning signs? I know I do, we're going through one of those warning signs with my brother this week. You just have to be on the lookout at all times I think. It is such a shame that there are still people living with their shameful son/daughter/sister/brother with a mental health issue. The awareness needs to be lifted, especially given the tough economic times we are facing and yet to face this year.

So tragic, so awful and brings very strong tears just thinking of the little girl's Mother and brothers.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I heard about that story. It's awful. I have 2 boys and a girl too. I'm so sad for that little girl, the brothers and the mother. I can't even imagine. I'm praying for the father because there's nothing else I can do.

You put everything into perspective so well in the last paragraph. Thanks for that.

ButtonsByLouLou said...

Oh I completely agree. I have been thinking about it a lot as well. I am just so glad my little boys are safe. Some children really have a lot on their shoulders!