Sunday, February 8, 2009

Biddy Bags

Love Love Love these, love the whole idea of is just so awesome.
And all from my hometown!

About Biddy Bags (from their website) -

biddy bags - organic washer

Biddy Bags is a non-profit public company limited by guarantee.
Women are contracted on a product-to-product basis and benefit through profit-share and increased social interaction.
For each product sold the woman who crafted it receives over half of the profit with the remainder being used to cover operational costs and to expand the enterprise’s reach.
Amongst other things, the digital age and globalisation has decreased meaningful human interaction and connection.
Biddy Bags is one attempt to remind all of us that “milk doesn’t come from supermarkets, and money doesn’t come out of walls”.
cream floral biddy bag
Biddy Bags creates a ‘person to person’ transaction, the buyer is involved in purchasing much more than just another product.
Biddy Bags connects people through products.
Biddy Bags reminds us that people are important, everyone has a story and we are all in this together.
Biddy Bags products are both a fashion and a social statement.
Biddy Bags are designed to appeal to women who appreciate a fusion of traditional and contemporary style.
knitted winter biddy bag
Women who appreciate unique and distinctive fashion and desire a “funky, stylin’, hip, groovy, nice, beautiful, I want one of them” product.

chameleon pouch - biddy bags
Included in the purchase of every unique Biddy Bags product is the story of its maker.
Using Biddy Bags products reminds us that the privileges we enjoy are not derived from faceless entities, but real people.
Biddy Bags identifies you as an advocate for developing healthy, connected and sustainable communities.
I just adore these, I love the whole concept..and just the fact they are called Biddy Bags!

Jump on over to their website and grab yourself one or a hundred..


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billy boy & mia said...

biddy bags is a great idea, i like it. I might have to start stocking up on a few birthday presies!
PS. I have tagged you in a blog game here, hope thats okay :)