Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sending all my love...

As most of you already know Australia is going through its worst disaster in our nations history.
Victorian bushfires have now taken the lives of up to 180 men, women and children in what can best be described as mass murder. The Victorian bushfires were lit by some horrible insignificent arsonist and the desctruction it has left in Victoria will never be recctified. Whole towns wiped out, whole families killed. The horror and devastation is too much to even comprehend. And it is still being fought. More than 4000 firefighters, including hundreds from interstate, still have their hands full with 23 fires out of control and 10 others contained but still burning strongly within control lines.
Please send all your love and prayers to these people, their families and loved ones. And pray they catch the "bastards" who did this.
All my love

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