Sunday, February 15, 2009

twisted love

So today is sunday, what better reason to introduce you to one of my all time favourites...
Twisted Twee is the baby of Suzi Warren, and twisted it is! It a is a brilliant assortment of tongue in cheek clothing with spark and fire! Wicked sayings, awesome graphics and heaps of laughs.

Fantastic items for babies like these Political ones featuring President Obama.

Also fab shirts for dad and sprog featuring cool saying like....

And my all time favourite the "Child Unfriendly alphabet"..I have this teatowel, framed and hanging on my wall...and man does it get some freaky looks when people actually stand and read it...LOL

Twisted Twee, check it out for some wickedly funny and cool gear and gifts..have a great sunday!

1 little pieces of your mind:

Little Diva said...

What a cool shop - great to see something unique.

I love reading your blog and the honesty from you and have just nominated you for a Proximidade Award.

Please visit my blog to check it out.

Christine xxoo