Thursday, March 5, 2009

madeit love

baby slippers from bubala
I love madeit..and for those of you out there on the www who

dont know about madeit..well you should!

baby butterflies bashful babushka from ALMONDTREEFRAMES on madeit

peppermint twist handmade soap from the soap dish

chenille pants from bubbachenille

lip balm from oopsidaisi
Madeit is the Australian equivalent of etsy...only it is ALL AUSSIE, australian handmade only and it is fabulous! They have just revamped their fabulous site and now it is more awesome and user friendly than ever! So to celebrate my love of madeit I have selected a few of my favs that I have spotted over my travels around madeit...go check it out, you wont be disappointed.

bobishi pudding knitted booties

amie green apple vnessa

choc orange wide legged pants from blackeyedsusie

babushka dress from brusselsprouts

little heroes artwork by estasketch

heart playsuit by thulathula

Oh and don't forget to check out my own wee shop on madeit....lovestamp!

New Design @ lovestamp - "Circle of Love"

I am adding new items all the time, like this sweet little one inspired by one of my lovely is called "Circle of Love" and you can get it here!

Dont forget comp coming in the next week or so!

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