Sunday, March 29, 2009

we have a winner...

So here we have it the March bloggy giveaway closed last night..even though I had the completley wrong date on it! So sorry for that..
We had some fabulous, funny, and lovely entries..including poetry!
So thank you all for entering, but unfortunately there can be only one winner..

My lovely barrel girl (aka hubby!) did the honours this time..and he pulled out this little gem...

The winner is....this entry..

Lola & Ben said...
Here is my five minutes of fame..I used to work for MAF and we used to get private planes arrive at the airport and wouldn't know who was on them until they landed. I went on board this little plane, and just about dropped dead, Russell Crowe was sitting on there, with his crew and PA..had to 'spray the plane' and wait onboard for five minutes, he was very nice, pleasant. I never really recovered from the shock when the door was opened...We used to see heaps, but this was the most memorable
March 28, 2009 3:40 PM

Now, there is no name it and their are two lovely ladies who own and run lola & ben, so can whichever one wrote this please contact me!


And thanks again to everyone who entered..I will be having another giveway in 2 weeks so keep your eye out...also a special Mothers Day giveaway too..

Now i did have some lovely are a couple that i really loved..

Alli wrote....

What beautiful jewellery! Here is my star contribution-

' Large held Small snug
as they looked out at the night,
at the moon in the dark
and the stars shining bright.
"Small, look at the stars -
how they shine and glow,
but some of those stars died
a long time ago.
Still they shine in the evening skies
love, like starlight, never dies" '
Debi Gliori 'No Matter What'

Edie Mae & Nell Ruby - the stars in my life. They will always twinkle and shine.

Renee said..

My star moment was...
Having my photo taken and appearing in The Sunday Telegraph when I was pregnant with my second baby! I was asked to model for the picture that was to go with an article about pregnancy (or so I hindsight it pays to ask the photographer exactly what the article is about) It was actually published above an article about mothers who eat terribly whilst they are pregnant lead to having children who are obese!!!!!! Quite funny really because I eat really well and have very healthy babies.
Anyway, that's my entry.
I'm wishing myself luck !!!!

Kristie said...

My little star is a star.Tara is 3, and loves dancing.On the weekend my she and I followed hubby to a job he had to do that was at Fox Studios. Right across from where we were, there was a dance class in one of the Brent Street Studios. Tara heard them and ran over and stood at the door. It was a class of 10-12 year old youths doing their tap warm ups. Tara stood there, watching, enraptured. I came up behind her and whispered to the teacher (well, mouthed since it was so loud!) that I was sorry she interrupted. He looked over and mouthed back she was beautiful and lit up his world (with a Jazz hands shining sign).I mouthed back asking if she could stand and watch for a while and he nodded and said it was fine. The class adored watching her - they loved seeing her so taken with what they were doing - boys and girls alike.Anyway, the next moment she has climbed up the stairs onto their level and has started mimicking each of their warm up steps and routine. She was following along doing the exact same steps (minus a bit of grace!). The kids were elbowing each other pointing at how great she was, and the teacher just grinned from ear to ear.She was performing as an utter star in this class and in my heart as she joined with the big kids who not once thought she was an inconvenience, but rather embraced the fact that someone loved dance like they did.It was a beautiful moment I am sure I could see her life ahead light up with lights.

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