Tuesday, May 5, 2009


L to R myself & my lovely sister in law, Madonna. Me preggers with baby no.2 and her with baby no. 3, I think I was only about a month off giving birth and she wasnt too far behind me!

Ok, so crazy busy over the last week, lots of Mothers Day orders going out, and had a chat to a few husbands on the weekend ordering up for Mothers Day, so look out ladies!

Hope they got it right!

This week, more mothers day orders, getting some stuff together hopefully to go into a photo shoot (big fingers crossed here), finalising some new designs (out when when my camera comes back from the camera hospital) and some other things. This week I am dedicating all my posts to that wonderful phenomena..THE MOTHER! All about things I would like for mothers day, mothers that inspire me, and just mother stuff in general.

So if you are a mother, or know one or a million, join in.

and here we are with the finished products! Me holding her little angel, Akeyla and Madonna holding my boy, Hudson!

and here they are today, Salt & Pepper. Taken at Straddie January 09. These two lurve each other very much!

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Carolyne said...

What sweet little cousins! Congrats to the both of you!