Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wish list

mum pillowcase from twisted twee

ok so, Mothers Day is coming ladies! Woohoo.
A day to be treated like the princess that you are, cold breakfast in bed lovingly created by lovely offspring, and gorgeous little gifts bursting with love made and lovingly wrapped by said offspring! Me, my plan is for mothers day is as follows

1. do nothing.
2. see no. 1
3. go out to my fav cafe for breaky with my family, and my mum.
4. get my haircut (at a real hairdresser, on my own)
5. get an eyebrow wax.
Pretty thrilling hey!
But if I could have a wish list for mothers day, and we had an endless money pit in the back yard, these would be on my list...what is on yours??

one of these fabulous barcelona rocking shall be mine, oh yes it shall be mine.

doily wall sticker, personalised, I LOVE THIS...from ahintofchic etsy

this tattoo bowl, suits me to the ground seeing as I have 3, tattoos that ya didnt know that did ya! Except it would have to be spelt MUM..from laurawallstaylor on etsy

nope not up the duff, but if I was I would want one of these for sure, super cute from playingwithpaper on etsy.

simply stunning, can you believe but this is a scarf..yes a felt scarf made to look like a rose! Sublime! Sunset Rose scarf from harlequinfeltworks etsy.

I have no idea where this is from, I just love it though

aaahh love this wall art, it is from an aussie on madeit...check her out rings with purple centre from shapeyourworld on madeit

oh anyone who visits here know i want these, they are divine, I have to have them!

What do you want on your wish list??

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danielle said...

oh i love the LOVE pillows too!! where did you find these??? fingers crossed we both get them for mothers day : )