Sunday, June 14, 2009

don't dilly dally...

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Good Luck xo

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Megs said...

Hi Jo,
Now don't be worried - I'm not a stalker, but I have been lurking around your blog for about the last month now as I came across you on Madeit as I just love your beautiful pieces. Well, I have just finished reading your whole entire blog and it is now 3:44am! I just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to start my own blog and my own business that I have been dreaming off and thinking about and talking about for so long! We seem to like alot of the same things and have a number of similarities, but I won't go into all that because I don't want you to be totally freaked out! Anyway, just wanted to post and tell you how much enjoyment and excitement to succeed I have gained from finding "Jogirl". Maybe you can start to follow me once I get the hang of how this all works as I would love to chat and pick your brains about all thing creative.
Anyway, this is probably a little strange and forward but if nothing else your blog has put a smile on another persons face.