Friday, June 12, 2009


I ADORE this shop, when I discovered it, I think via LMNOP magazine, I instantly fell in love and desperatley wanted one of the A TO Z garlands...I coveted it, thought it was so beautiful.

So I popped on over to Paperklip to have a sneaky peek at all of Melindas beautiful creations..and fell in love all over again. When I got there I discovered that she had a brand spanking new website, and to celebrate was having a givewawy of one of the A TO Z had to be I entered, and guess what....I WON! woohoo, so now I have gorgeous A TO Z garland winging its way in the post to me as we speak, to say I am super excited is an understatement, hubby thinks I am insane, but who cares!

So go on over to Paperklip, and check it out, if only for the gorgeous website!
And a huge thank you Melinda...I cannot wait to get it and will post about it once it arrives!
Have a happy weeked! xo

2 little pieces of your mind:

Little Diva said...

Thanks for your message - will let you know how it goes and definitely take some pics. So excited you'll be at the July one - will make sure your owls are done by then!

KikiMiss said...

Hi Jo, congratulations on your win! I share your excitement -- I think we're winning more as adults than we ever may have as children ha ha ha.

I can't wait to see what you decide to do with your garland when it arrives. Speaking of 'lmnop', I won a CD of an American children's/family singer/songwriter from posting a comment on their blog last month so I'm awaiting it's arrival now too. Yipee.