Tuesday, June 2, 2009

flu - not of the swine variety

i want to get into this bed right now!
The flu is visiting our home at the moment with great force. Myself and the boy are infected, freckles has it (this is debatable though..!) and hubby well, not yet but with us knee deep in tissues, vapour rub, panadol and anti bacterial hand goo, it wont be long before he is struck down with the dreaded lurgy!

I am so digging these green chairs.

a have a soft spot for bunting

this wedding dress is soooooooooo divine, if only I had my time again!

So here are some lovelies from the net that have caught my eye over the past few weeks...

sweet little girls bedroom

a lovely little workspace, so sweet, pretty and sooo tidy!

this space has inspired me to dress up our patio area, I love it.

this is a ring to wear on your finger, can you believe it!

sweet little scalloped edging, love it.


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