Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ok so well first things first...dont forget the giveaways begin on sunday..

our lovely toast fire that we sat around and cooked marshmallows with the kids and enjoyed on the cold wet night..mmmm cosy!

Well lots of stuff going on round here since last weekend, had my lovely sister in law here for a couple of days working out some stuff and then transforming into "Super Coach" on saturday for netball with freckles, she was a huge hit! Then our most bestest peeps came to stay with their two wee ones and brought with them I am sure a whole bottle shop! We ate, drank, laughed, cried, and did it all over again...until "SOMEONE, who shall stay unamed to protect the guilty" hehehe..would not let me go to bed, and then promptly fell asleep on me, at 4 am in the morning..anyway, a goreous night in front of the fire, a few bottles of wine, a very expensive bottle of french champagne (thank guys) marshmallows cooking, it was a great night..

And then came sunday... ah, a little bit of a hangover, a day spent in pj's and cancelled plans as I just could not leave the house. We had a fab weekend and cannot wait to do it all again.

Other than that, just getting ready for the markets that I am attending over the next month, more info later. The fabric above is going to be something, I cannot sew, so my lovely Mum is going to whip something wonderful up for me, pics when ready.

I scored these two lovlies at the Salvos on Tuesday, just two more to add to my ever growing collection...(not to self must paint those retro shelve to house my babies).

Thats it for now, have to go to bed, eyes are closing. Hope you all had a fabulous day! xo

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