Friday, July 3, 2009

ink secret.

Ok so another week draws to an end, the weekend is upon us, nearly half way through the school holidays, and it is COLD! Well that all has nothing to do with what I am going to talk about..Ink.

Ink as in tattoo ink, as in "get inked". Not many of you out there know that I have a tattoo, ok three tattoos. I dont sort of get them out there for everyone to see, but I do have them, and I must say I adore them. When I got my first ever tattoo, at the tender age of 33, I was scared, but not terrified. I just got up one day and went and did it, just like that. My first was on my foot, and their my addiction started. Carl, my lovely ink man, said to me that day, oh you will be back, I said, no no that is it, buy the end of the year I was back. I also have a very special one on my left wrist. It is plain black, lovely font, it reads "Family". My little brother and I got these a couple of months after our dad died, we have matching ones. I am not a big out and proud tattood lady. I have them they are not big or over the top and they can all be easily hidden, and most of the time no one even knows I have them. My most recent one I got last December, and she is lovely, a Babushka Doll on the back of my neck. Until today I have never seen her up close or in a photo, only in a mirror, so I got Mr Petrie to take a photo so I could actually see her.

So here she is....

she was inspired by this lovely fabric right here.....................

I know alot of people hate tattoos, and that is cool with me. But I love mine, I waited a long time to get them and they have not been decisions I have made lightly. I am not less of a person because I have them, just different, and if you met me on the street you probably would not even be able to tell. I just wish I had the courage to go wild, crazy and out and proud like these chicks! But alas I will be a closet tattood one..

So do you have any?
Have a colourful weekend!
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4 little pieces of your mind:

Amanda said...

I love your babushka doll tattoo - it's gorgeous!

How awesome is that spools of cotton tattoo on that gal. I wish I could be game like them too ;-)

Mommyof2girlz said...

Aww she's great! I have many... well not many, just 5, but they are all pretty decent size. I posted my largest one this week on WW, stop by :)

Kiki said...

Two similarities this week....I have a tattoo (also on my foot, actually my big toe) and I was also @ IKEA on Saturday. Long bloody drive from the S/Coast isn't it so when are they going to build one on the north side for us I ask ;-)

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Your babushka is sweet! I have a tattoo on my lower back. Like you no one knows but those who do already know me. I want to get a larger tat on my upper back but I am not aloud until my husband gets his. I wish he would hurry up already. The spoils are wicked! Definitely my kind of tattoo!!

xo Steph