Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Giveaway with -- EdanRose

Sunday Giveaway is here again...and this week it comes from the lovely Megan at EdanRose.

I first talked to Megan after she send me a beautiful email about my blog. I was interested in what she was doing, so had a look at her gorgeous wishing I had a newborn.

If you have a new bub, one in the oven, are planning or know someone who is about to pop then this is the giveaway for you.

Megan and her beautiful handiwork

Here is a little bit about Megan in her own words -

My name Is Megan and I am a SAHM with three beautiful children Stella(3), Oscar(2) and India(18 weeks). I love being creative and have finally gotten around to doing something with my talents rather than just ever-increasing my already abundant craft supplies! (My husband is so happy!)I enjoy reading all my favourite mags, spending time with friends and family, the odd glass of Vino or three (that’s when I am not pregnant or breastfeeding!), cooking up gourmet meals (surely I could be the next Masterchef? Well Stella tells me that I already am, so I guess that is much better anyway.), crafting, reading blogs about crafting- which in turn takes up all my crafting time! Going to the farmers market, well most markets actually, online bargain hunting and my recent discovery of op-shopping. So you know most of the usual enjoyable pastimes that life has to offer us. We have recently moved to Adelaide from sunny Queensland and we are certainly feeling the cold!EdanRose is my outlet to use my brain and to let the creative juices flow and to feel like part of the human race again rather than just a mum and a wife to my treasured family. My range is ever evolving and I have a few new goodies that I am in the stages of trialing at the moment so hopefully soon there will be more than just my beautiful Cocoons to look at.

So today you have the chance to win one of her absolutleykissable cute Coccoons, or Womb with a view! How sweet are they? Here is what you can win -

This giveaway is for one of my “Womb With A View” Baby Cocoons. You can choose any of my standard $35.00 Cocoons. They come in a range of different colours and wool blends and are very durable as well as being very soft on babies skin. Keep baby feeling warm, snuggled and secure, much like they were in the womb! Is great for use in the day and also for sleeping. I recommend using a light wrap under the cocoon for sleeping so that little fingers and toes don't escape through the knit (although this is very cute!). Prevents startle reflex from waking baby as their arms are safely tucked away inside the cocoon. To use, simply roll the cocoon down and place baby in feet first and then roll the cocoon up and over baby making sure babies head is exposed. - Instant cuteness, I guarantee you will get so many comments when your baby is wearing its "Womb with a View"! RRP $35.00

So you know the drill by now, and if you don't I will give you the lowdown right here.

Just pop on over to one of Megans shops on etsy or madeit and let me know your favourite "Womb with a view", that easy. Leave a comment below with the fav and the winner will be drawn next sunday!

Here is where you can go to view or purchase one of Megans gorgeous coccoons

Also pop on over to her lovely and brand new blog and show her some love.

Thanks Megan!

*if you create something beautiful and would like to be apart of sunday giveaways, please shoot me an email here Thank you!*

13 little pieces of your mind:

Megs said...

Thanks so much Jo! It looks great. xxx

GypsiesThread said...

I love the Womb with a View Baby Cocoon - Newborn Rustic Vine!!! Stunning!!! I would love to win this for my sis in law who is expecting!

Jules said...

I love the Womb with a View Baby Cocoon - Newborn Bamboo. Sounds as if it would be so soft against a baby's skin, and anything that helps them sleep is worth it in my book!

Jemma said...

Ohh do they come in adult sizes, it is freezing this morning and I could do with one :).

My sis is having a baby soon and that would make a wonderful gift.

danielle said...

thanks for the heads up Jo- these look great! I JUST found out i am pregnant again *insert happy dance here!* and this is beyond perfection : )

My fave- Womb with a View Baby Cocoon - Newborn Oatmeal Shimmer...but it was a tough call! Even if I dont win, i will be heading over to make a purchase...but please dont let that stop you from choosing me- i'm sure i'll need more than one anyway : )


Richofevi said...

I love the Purple Passion! That is perfect for my Fremantle Dockers fan friend whose first baby is due in October! Gorgeous!

Aik said...

I love the Womb with a View Baby Cocoon - Newborn Ruby Red. Red is the lucky colour for Chinese.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful cocoon. I love them all! I have the perfect little bub to give this too as there is no way it is for me...ever!!! lol

BabyBird said...

What an awesome idea! The creativity of all these mums never ceases to amaze me.

It was a tough decision, but the Womb with a View Baby Cocoon - Newborn Rustic Vine is my favourite. Just gorgeous.

Leigh said...

I love the Ruby Red Womb with a View. Just the thing to keep my baby warm and snuggly.No more wrapping and rewrapping. What a fabulous idea!

Ali said...

I love the Rustic Vine Baby Cacoon! So cute and great for either a little man or lady (I am trying for another at the moment - fingers crossed)!
I wish they were made in big people sizes too hehe!

truj said...

Quite possibly the cutest thing I have seen in ... well, I dont know how long. My lovely sister is expecting any day now - what a treat that would be for her new little boy. Love the ones with changing colours in them. You are very clever!

Kiralee said...

Newborn Ruby Red is abousltly stunning... would love this for my next little munchkin or as a georgous gift to a dear friend of mine