Tuesday, July 28, 2009

last week..

Well last week was pretty busy as ususal in the household. Lots of things going on. The boy had a concert at daycare, Pirate Rob..he was really great and the boy had a blast, lots of terribly hilarious adult jokes as well which kept it interesting!

Freckles had her first ever school camp, the grade 3 went to Underwater World at Mooloolaba and slept the night there, it was super cool and she had heaps of super fun! She was so excited that I dont think many of them slept at all accoriding to the fabulous mums & dads who volunteered to go and attempt to sleep on mats that were about a 1cm high! Hence to say she came home friday and promptly lay on the couch and fell asleep at quarter to four, we didnt see her till the next morning, she even slept in her uniform! It was only a one night camp, but it is amazing how the time has flown and next month she will be 8!

In other news Lovestamp is very super busy at the moment with all the fabulous press I have been getting, and the lovely word of mouth from my clients, thanks guys! Something new for the men in your life will be available in the next week so stay posted!

I also did the local Noosa Baby and Childrens markets last sunday, huge success and will be back there next month on the 30th August, so pop on in and say hi. Lots of orders to fill, too many to count so will be hard at it in the workshop tomorrow.

Lastly, some AWESOME news for our little family, we booked & paid for a fantabulous P & O Cruise for September 2010. This invitation only event is in honour of our gorgeous friend Vanessa who is turning the big 40! We cannot wait and are super super super excited! Yippee! We now have a poster up with the pictures of where we are going to encourage saving all round, for shopping and massages!

Well that is it, lots going on, lovely weather, no one is sick (touch wood). Hope you are all well out there in www land.


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