Friday, July 31, 2009

this little pig...

well just a quick post tonight, i have been very busy packaging up all the orders I have to post out to my lovely clients on monday..woohoo! In amongst all this we have had a suspected visit from the swine flu, yes real people get it! Freckles has been *suspectedly* struck by the wee piggy flu stick, so yesterday it was off to the doctors twice, swabbing, wee sampling etc the end I had to go and pick up a box of tamiflu, something i never in a million years thought I would be doing. One of her best friends has been suspected with it also this week, so hence the reason we have the tamiflu. And let me tell you, when all this swine flu stuff came out, freckles was terrified about it, and asked if she would get it, and of course me being her mother, said "No baby you wont get it, dont worry your pretty little head", how I have had to eat my words in the last 24 hours, but I tell you lots of iceblocks in bed has helped ease my motherly guilt about telling her that a virus that began a million miles away has now made its way to her little regional town and into her body. I feel bloody awful, sorry for the language. Anyway hopefully the tests will be back tomorrow and she will be out of Quarantine. I am crossing my fingers she does not have it, and our doctor has just put her on the tamiflu as a precautionary thing anyway, she has definatley not been diagnosed yet. Other than that all good. It happens. But I tell you you should have seen them at the chemist when i picked up the script, sometimes I forget I live in a small town! It was like Wandin Valley all over, a little funny actually. Freckles is good, she is doing ok, just trying to keep the temp under control and she is coughing like a seal, which she thinks is funny as she answers everything with a slapping of he hands and a cough like a seal, good sense of humour that one.

Anyway we are off to have a very quiet weekend in Quarantine and recovery!

night x

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Megs said...

Gee I really hope she feels better soon and that it isn't swine flu! The poor little thing!