Friday, August 28, 2009

mixed emotions..

Sorry I havent been around this week. It has been a big week here, lots going on, lots of mixed emotions. Last weekend it was my girls 8th birthday. We had a big weekend with a sleepover party, singstar and lots of fun. She had a magnificent time, and was so happy it was lovely. She even got a surprise visit from her cousins which just topped it all off.

the psychotic green cake!

the boy & nan doing early morning singstar in their pj's

a little bit of disco!

breakfast pancakes thanks to dad!

the girls on the way to bed!

We also had a visit to the doctors for both Freckles and myself. Freckles had an injury that was not healing on her leg and had to get minor surgery done on it, so it has been very sore all week, and still ongoing. Myself, I had a filthy case of Pharangytis, the sorest throat on the planet, fevers, chills, lethargy it was horrid, but I am feeling a little better now.

Other than that I have been completing alot of Fathers Day orders and sent out an order for a wedding party this week. It was so fun and they turned out gorgeous dont you think?

wedding order on its way to WA.

And lastly...yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of my fathers death. An extremely hard day for me, too hard to put into words actually. I am still having trouble coming to terms with it and probably need to seek some help for it, as i still talk, and act as if he is still here, I just cant seem to accept it. Luckily I have some beautiful friends who helped me through the day, so thank you to you all, you know who you are.

To my dad, I miss you more than words, the hole in my heart is huge. It still feels like yesterday since you slipped away in my arms..I cannot accept it and would dearly love you back even for a day..I love you dad x

3 little pieces of your mind:

Raegan said...

Jo that's just beautiful what you wrote about your dad.... so very personal. It brought tears to my eyes xxxx

mimoo said...

Jo I am so sorry as I know it must not get any easier with time as most people say it does. I recently read an interview with some dumb hollywood celebrity as she was talking about the death of her dad but she actually said something really nice like 'something broke inside of me the day my dad died that I thought would never heal but I see things in my children that are so him, so I find great comfort in the thought that they are 1/8th made of him and I can hug him through them'
perhaps this can apply to you too?? chin up :-))

Kiki said...

Like the previous comment, I too have tears in my eyes for you. I will feel the same about my own Father when that time comes, perhaps we will need to share a bottle or 4!!!!

The photo that you chose for this post is so warm, what a handsome man alright.

Take all the time in the world....and what I've found the easiest is just to talk it out.