Wednesday, August 5, 2009

silhouette love..

Busy few days, just getting back into the swing of things after the swine flu drama last week, still no test results yet, but freckles is back at school and back to her normal self, which is great. Half the school has gone down with it and the other half wont be far behind! So anyway, I wanted to share with you something I purchased a few weeks ago, I dont have an actual photo of the one I purchased because in my haze of sickness i forgot to get a photo before I gifted it to the person who was recieving it..but anyway..

I bought one of these (see above) silhouette prints from Le Papier Studio. I had it customised with the silhouettes of my girlfriends two children and my two children, with their names underneath, I got the same colour as this one. And it was SOOOOO gorgeous that she nearly didnt get it! Le Papier does the most beautiful silhouettes to order, you can send in your own photos or pick from here look alike selection. I just loved it, and so did she, and the kids loved it because they could tell who was was sooo sweet.
Anyway go check the site out is now one of my fav's for gifts!
Have a great week!

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