Tuesday, August 11, 2009

wrap up..

Well lots going on here in our little piece of the world..firstly the weekend was great. I took off and left Mr Petrie and the wee ones at home. I headed to the big smoke as I was doing the Boutique Markets early sunday morning. I went to my mums as we had planned to go out for a girly dinner and a movie, we havent done this for ages...so we headed off and I dropped my brother off at the train station on the way out. As we stopped for petrol my little brother handed me $100 and said he was shouting mum and I out tonight as a thanks & i love you..what a guy, it was so lovely and special, but I could have killed him at the same time, as he doesnt need to be doing this stuff. Anyway, I gave him back $50 as I said it was way to much, but little bugger hid it in my handbag. So, mum and I agreed we would use half for dinner and give him back the other half. We went to one of my all time fav restaurants, Castelli's at Rosalie (I had my 21st in their restraurant a million years ago) we got a bottle of wine and had a DELICIOUS dinner..and guess what? It came to exactly $50, to the cent, can you believe that...so thank you Scotty xo.
We then went and saw My Sisters Keeper at the Blue Room. You can have a wine and something to eat in the cinema, so it was rather posh and grown up for me, and I loved every minute. The movie was awesome, I have read all of Jodie Piccoult's books so I knew the story, but man did we do the ugly cry, I was just about howling, I am such a sook..go see it if you loved The Notebook, it is the same director.

Sunday, I headed off early to the Boutique Markets Portside. A slow start to the day, but then it picked up and the weather was superb! I will be back there every second sunday of the month now until chrissy so pop on over for a look. The lovely ladies from Mimoo where there to give me a hand to set up and get me a drink (thanks girls), all the gorgeous stall holders where there, Christine from Little Diva and lots of others. I got a lovely surprise in the form of my gorgeous friend Jane who was there writing a story on handmade, we are going to catch up on the school holidays and I cannot wait! The day was good and got better as it went along, although I am pretty sure someone helped themself to a piece from my table as I was one short at the end of the day, karma people, karma. Other than that I had lots of lovely customers come say hello and now a few new ones..so thank you for all your support.

This week freckles was home sick, again, yesterday. Today she had sports day and ran like a trooper and got her beloved 1st Place ribbon. We had a lovely day in the sun, and all had a rad dance at the end, think "Slumdog Millionaire at the end of the movie in the train station" but on an oval with a million kids and parent, very fun!

Other than that, some new stuff coming to lovestamp in the next few weeks, very exciting, also a Large Dog Tag will be up by the end of the week for Fathers day, so check it out.

Have a great week..

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