Monday, August 10, 2009

We have a winner..

Ok firstly a big sorry for not announcing winner till today, big weekend, away in the big city for the markets and didnt get home till late last night.
Ok, so the winner has been drawn by my lovely assitant, Freckles who is home sick again today (no swine flue!)...the winner is


Megs said...
Hi Jo,Well my favourite yogabellies is the the "Rub a Bum" Balm as I think India is about to start teething and that will mean a red bum! And as for Lovestamp - I don't know how to choose!!!! But, this weeks favourite is "Lovely" can't go past that beautiful pearl.Megs xx
August 5, 2009 11:26 PM

Megs you are the lucky winner of the Yogabellies dvd & lovestamp necklace.

Shoot me an email with your details and I will get this too you asap.
Thanks to everyone who sunday giveaway this week as I am snowed, but a new one up next sunday, so stay tuned..

love ya!

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