Saturday, October 17, 2009

just the four of us..

So a few weeks ago, my little family of 4 took off on our very first trip together, 10 days just the four of us. I have to say for a few days before we left I was, well, nervous. I didnt know if we were going to have a fabulous time or end up killing each other! Luckily it was the former..and we had a blast and didnt want to come home.. We camp alot, we go as much as we can and have been collecting camping gear for a few years now..everytime we go we add something new! We love it and have just booked Easter 2010..woohoo..bring it on!

So here is some of the lovely time we spent together..

The boy playing in a giant puddle
The end of our street.
Miss Freckles showing her acrobatic prowess!
Night Time - Quiet Time. Drawing by camplight
Main Street, Byron Bay. During the Dust storm

Daddy & Ruby at Dinner
Baby Sam, Aunty Michelle, Jogirl, Ruby & Hudson

Fishing with his new pole..

Kingscliff Markets

Me & My love.

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Kiki said...

Great pics, great strawbs! Hey....I was in Byron/Bangalow probably about the same time as you were down that way. You have given me the strength to collect more camping equipment and do the same, I love how the day is determined by the light....go to bed not long after it's dark and then rise with the sun. Beautiful days..