Monday, October 19, 2009

some lovely stuff..

Just a quick post was a pupil free day here today so we spent most of it at the local pool with friends wasting the hours was fun, thanks girls!
Here are some lovely things that I have fallen in love with on the net recently..enjoy!

I am soooo in love with this shop...I want to marry it...
Go check it out here, and their lovely blog here, you won't be sorry!

2. Polaroid Plushie by onelatenight

I adore this and am going to get...mmm myself one, it reminds me of my childhood!

And these two images, I have no idea where from, just because!

And this divine scalloped garland, you can get a tute on how to make it yourself..alas if only I could sew! Go here to find out how...
Have a lovely Monday night peeps x

3 little pieces of your mind: :: australia said...

Get finds Jo. The lark shop is just gorgeous!!

Lark said...

Thank you! Wow, your blog is lovely! x

Caz said...

Wow. That polaroid camera is fantastic. What a unique softie!