Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas shopping..

Okay so, sorry I havent been around but I have been a busy little bee..lots and lots of orders coming through for christmas which is great, but doesnt leave much time for anything anyway..last night at about midnight I started my christmas shopping...yes online in my pj's! I had a freak out after a discussion with my a girlfriend and thought *shit* I better do I made a list and went shopping...

I bought two things last night...
1. My little brothers pressie...
Tattoo Mighty Wallet from Remo General Store
I LOVE these wallets, they are the coolest, if you have not seen them, you can check out a youtube clip here it is well worth the peek.

They are made from Tyvek and are fully recyclable and are made from old milk bottles.
Check out all the info here..they are wicked! You can get them in all sorts of different patterns.

2. Little Jamesy's first bit of pressent.

Jamesy is going off to prep next year so I got him a very cool new pencil case just for him from Smudge.

I got the navy one with green, red and yellow writing..these are great, my freckles has had the same one for 3 years and it is still going strong.

You can get one here...

So what have you been buying up for christmas???

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Karen said...

Thanks for the link to the wallet. Helped with the christmas shopping. :)