Friday, November 20, 2009


I have alot of envy, yes I know it is one of the seven deadly sins and all but I cannot help it. It is coming into summer and all those lovely flip flops, thongs, sandals etc are all out and about..and you know what else is...painted toenails.

You see I alas can never paint my toenails...6 years ago I had to have my big toenails surgically removed due to constant and extrememly painful ingrown toenails. And alas now I cannot paint my toenails due to only having 8. So I will spend yet another summer dreaming of painting my toenails my all time favourite colour - Meet the Mother in Law Red - and adore secretly all the summer toes with their divine colours.

So if you have toenails, whatever sort, express them, give them love, because one day you may not have them, and trust me it is sad.

Have a lovely painted toenail day!

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